Furniture for an exclusive and design-conscious style.  From the living area to the bedroom, products for an ideal home which reflects good taste and the most glamorous trends in every room: beds, upholstered furniture, seating, storage and accessories.

A new philosophy, which focuses on the senses as a starting point for an emotional reawakening. A private world, every aspect of which can be imagined and designed. Unique details, sartorial elements, impressive materials.
My home collection embodies a unique lifestyle, featuring materials, forms and colours that together create a timeless yet contemporary elegance which, most importantly, is 100% made in italy.

Quality, research, innovation
We believe that our products must tell a story: our story. A story of craftsmanship, savoir faire, a love for detail and ongoing research into solutions which can adapt to technological developments in the field of manufacturing. We never stop seeking perfection as we strive to fully satisfy our customers’ expectations.
Attraverso il dinamismo dell’azienda siamo in grado di proporre soluzioni adatte all’arredamento di tutta la casa,un living accogliente fatto di divani modulari, poltroncine, sedie e tavolicon infiniti effetti cromatici grazie al campionario colori molto ampio;una zona notte fatta di elementi ricercati nella sua semplicità.La bellezza dei nostri prodotti non sarà solo il motivo per l’acquisto ma uno dei motivi. Acquistare My home collection significa acquistare un pezzo di storia italianacomposta da tante mani e tante persone umili ed appassionate.
100% Made in italy
My Home Collection is a company with 100% Made in Italy certification and is included on the National Register of Italian Manufacturers. The 100% Made in Italy label certifies that the product has been made entirely in Italy; the semi-finished products are all made in Italy, and only Italian raw materials and components are used, all of the highest, first-class quality.

The workmanship faithfully reflects the Italian tradition.